How to recruit the right people

Whatever the size or nature of your organisation, attracting and hiring the right people is absolutely critical to long-term success. To help give you the best possible chance of finding the people who will help shape your business, the OU has teamed up with Rebecca Fielding of Gradconsult to produce this series of short videos.

Do you need an intern, a graduate or a more experienced hire? What should be in (or out of) your job description? How can you make sure the right candidates apply? Rebecca answers all of these questions and more, as well as giving some great tips to help both newer and more experienced recruitment professionals alike.

The OU student body is one of the most diverse talent pools in the UK, following this advice will help you tap in to the right part of it for your business needs. 

How to decide on the type of hire you need 

How to write a job description 

How to attract the right candidates 

How to shortlist the right candidates